Archives: Research Papers


On the Scale-up Method for Power Consumption for Power Consumption in Creeping Flow Regime
J.V. Kelkar, R.A. Mashelkar
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Drag Reduction in Rotational Visco-elastic Boundary Layer Flows
D.D. Kale, R.A. Mashelkar, J. Ulbrecht
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Drag Reduction in External Rotational Flows
R.A. Mashelkar
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A Rotating Sphere Viscometer
J.V. Kelkar, R.A. Mashelkar
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Solid Dissolution in Falling Films of Pseudoplastic Fluids
R.A. Mashelkar, V.V. Chavan
J. Chem.Eng., Japan, 1973,5, 160


Friction Factors for a Tube Rotating around its own Axis
R.A. Mashelkar, G.V. Devarajan
Can.J.Chem.Eng., 1973, 51, 390


Applicability of Axial Dispersion Model for Non-Newtonian Laminar Flow Tubular Reactors
R.A. Mashelkar
Can.J.Chem.Eng., 1973, 51, 613


Solution of the Problem of Gas Absorption in Falling Films of Non-Newtonian Fluids by Orthogonal Collocation Technique
R.A. Mashelkar, V.V. Chavan, N.G. Karanth
Chem.Eng.J., 1973, 6, 75


Interpretation of Normal Stress Differences in Polymer Solutions and Melts
M. Soylu, R.A. Mashelkar, J. Ulbrecht
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Mass Transport in Visco-elastic Boundary Layer Flows around a Rotating Disc: Significance in Diffusion Coefficient Measurement
R.A. Mashelkar
Int.J.Heat and Mass Transfer, 1974, 17, 367