Archives: Research Papers


The Future of Technology & Jobs
Raghunath Mashelkar
Ubiquity Volume 2016, Number April (2016), Pages 1-12


Emergence of India as a Global R&D hub
R.A Mashelkar, Aravind Chinchure
India Now, Business and Economy August-September 2016


Saving Humanity: More from Less for More People
R.A Mashelkar
Article contributed to the book How to Save Humanity October, 2016


An E-Conversation with Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar
R.A Mashelkar, Subhas Sikdar
Clean Techn Environ Policy 19:3-8, 2017 (Springer, USA)


Anomolous extensional rheology of polyacrylamide solutions
Tam Sridhar, Harshvardhan Pol, Ashish Lele, R.A. Mashelkar
In preparation


New observations on mobility transitions in polyacrylamide: NMR & molecular dynamics studies
A.B. Mandhare, R. Vetrivel, P.R. Rajamohanan, S. Ganapathy, A.K.Lele, R.A. Mashelkar
In preparation