Archives: Research Papers


Role of Diffusion in Carrier Dyeing of Synthetic Fibres: An Alternative Approach
M.G. Kulkarni, R.A. Mashelkar
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On Hydrodynamical Changes due to Polymer Migration in Very Dilute Solutions
A. Dutta, R.A. Mashelkar
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Whither Polymer Engineering
R.A. Mashelkar
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A Comprehensive Engineering Model for a Continuous Disc-ring Reactor for Finishing Stages of PET Manufacture: Development and Evaluation
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Reappraisal of the Equivalence of Bulk and Suspension Polymerization: Microscopic analysis
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Anomalous Convective Diffusion in Films of Polymeric Solutions
R.A. Mashelkar
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Absorption in Mixed Surfactant-Polymeric Films: A Novel Phenomenon
R.A. Mashelkar, M. Soylu
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