Tribute to Hon’ Suresh Prabhu

I have been the chairperson of Priyadarshni International Awards started by Nanik Rupani through his Priyadarshni Academy for the past 10 years. We are always trying to seek out top personalities from around the world, who could be invited and celebrated. And we have always leaned on Suresh Prabhu, so deep and wide are his contacts. We have found that his international presence, his influence, as also his convening power is incredible.

Look at his international reach. He is a part of 16 global organizations and 9 strategic dialogues which include Global Water Partnership, GLOBE, UK, World Economic Forum (WEF), Global Industries Council, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Global Forum For Farmers, President’s Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service, Asia Energy Forum, United Nations Committee of Biodiversity, World Federation of UNESCO and the list goes on.

While closing I must make a mention of his most adorable wife, Uma, who has a standing of her own – and indeed is an outstanding journalist. With their young son, Ameya, Prabhus form a truly wonderful family. Here is to wish them a great future, full of progress, prosperity, peace and tranquillity.
late as well as a road map for any youngster who cares about our country and especially its future. The world class institutions that he has built radiate excellence. They are of global standards with an Indian soul. India’s future looks promising if our next generation models itself on the values, principles and discipline that Dr Sancheti has lived his life with.

We are not just celebrating his 75th birthday. We are celebrating 75 years of relentless and selfless service, 75 years of an obsession for healing and above all 75 years of devotion to Indians and India.

May he continue to heal, inspire and transform millions of lives as he makes the journey towards his century.