Tribute to Dr Sancheti on his 75th birthday


Dr Sancheti’s heart is in the right place. His continuous effort to make high quality treatment available and accessible to the not so wealthy people of our country warrants a special mention. His research and development of low cost but advanced replacement materials, products and technologies is path breaking. This has given renewed hope to millions of sufferers who shiver at the thought of a surgery- not out of fear of pain but the economic burden of the procedure.

His life is a template as well as a road map for any youngster who cares about our country and especially its future. The world class institutions that he has built radiate excellence. They are of global standards with an Indian soul. India’s future looks promising if our next generation models itself on the values, principles and discipline that Dr Sancheti has lived his life with.

We are not just celebrating his 75th birthday. We are celebrating 75 years of relentless and selfless service, 75 years of an obsession for healing and above all 75 years of devotion to Indians and India.

May he continue to heal, inspire and transform millions of lives as he makes the journey towards his century.