Dismantling Inequality through ASSURED Innovation (2/2)

This follows my previous blog.

I will have the privilege of articulating the basic idea of ASSURED Innovation in Canberra on 19th April 2018, when I give the K R Narayanan Oration ( titled: “Dismantling Inequality through ASSURED Innovation”

In this oration, I would argue that ASSURED innovation can be a `single word’ national innovation policy for any nation that wishes to achieve accelerated inclusive growth. I will show how ASSURED innovation can enable corporates to shift to a new high-impact paradigm of `doing well by doing good’, from the old paradigm of `doing well and doing good’.

I feel specially privileged because both President Narayanan and I have something in common.

Both of us were born in poor families.

Both of us struggled to meet two ends meet.

Both of us got Tata scholarships, which gave us an opportunity to do higher studies.

Here is going down the memory lane.

Demonstrating an invention of a polymer based on research done by my team in National Chemical Laboratory. This magical super absorbent polymer could absorb huge amounts of water.

The demonstration was given to the then Vice President of CSIR, K. R. Narayanan (1982)

I, a Tata scholar, received Padma Bhushan (2000) at the hands of the then President, K. R. Narayanan, interestingly another Tata scholar.

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