Archives: Research Papers


Self similar dynamics of a flexible Ring polymer in a fixed obstacle Environment : A coarse grained Molecular model
B.V.S. Iyer, A.K. Lele, V.A. Juvekar, R.A. Mashelkar
Ind.Eng.Chem.Res. 2009, 48, 9514-9522


Nanoparticle-mediated targeting of phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase signalling inhabits angiogenesis
H. Rania, B. Sudipta, S. Shivani, M.H. Dirk, R.A. Mashelkar, Shiladitya Sengupta
Angiogenesis, 2009, 12, 325-338


Fullerenol-cytotoxic conjugates for cancer chemotherapy
Padmaparna C., Abhimanyu Paraskar, Shivani Soni, R.A. Mashelkar, Shiladitya Sengupta
ACS Nano, 2009, 3, 2505-2514


Technonationalism to Technoglobalism
R.A. Mashelkar
Journal of India & Global Affairs 2009, 90-97


Climbing the Global Technological Ladder: Improving Higher Education, Technological Development and Innovation
Vinod K. Goel, R.A. Mashelkar
Centennial Group Report, Asian Development Bank, 2009


Irreverence and Indian Science
R.A. Mashelkar, C.K. Prahalad
Science, 2010, 328, 547


Innovation’s Holly Grail
R.A. Mashelkar
Harvard Business Review, July-August 2010


Coupling growth factor engineering with nanotechnology for therapeutic Angiogenesis
Rituparna Sinha-Roy, Shivani Soni,Pooja R Vasudevan, Oliver Holmes, Hugo de Jonge, Arthur Rowe, Abhimanyu Paraskar, Dirk M. Hentschel, Dimitri Chirgadze, Sir Tom L. Blundell, Ermanno Gherardi, Raghunath A. Mashelkar, Shiladitya Sengupta
Proc. National Academy of Sciences, USA , Raina Harfouche 107 (31), 13608-13613 (2010)


Harnessing structure-activity Relationship to engineer a cisplatin Nanoparticle for enhanced Antitumor efficacy
Shivani Soni, A.S.Paraskar, Kenneth T. Chin, Padmaparna Chaudhuri, K.W. Muto,Julia Berkowitz,Michael W. Handlogten,Nathan J. Alves,Basar Bilgicer,Daniela M. Dinulescu,R.A. Mashelkar,Shiladitya Sengupta
Proc.National Academy of Sciences, USA, 107 (28),12435-12440 (2010)


Traditional Knowledge Digital Library: An uplifting Equaliser
R.A. Mashelkar
Smart Manager, 2010, 19-23